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62 - Andrya DeGhelder.png

Andrya DeGhelder

On the evening of July 25th, 2018, Andrya DeGhelder failed to show up for her shift at a VA hospital. Coworkers contacted a friend, who asked police to perform a welfare check on Andrya. Inside her home, police found a chaotic crime scene, which pointed to an abduction. Over the next few weeks, police would find more evidence, which pointed to a shocking crime having unfolded inside Andrya's home...

61 - The Zip Gun Bomber.png

The Zip Gun Bomber

On May 7th, 1982, a high school guidance counselor from Brooklyn became the victim of an explosive device, mailed inside a cookbook. For over a decade, investigators could only speculate about the crime... but then more of these devices started being mailed out, creating a panic among the five boroughs of New York City...

60 - Satoshi Nakamoto.png

Satoshi Nakamoto

In 2008, a nine-page whitepaper was published by a mysterious individual named Satoshi Nakamoto. This whitepaper proposed the creation of a decentralized peer-to-peer banking system named Bitcoin. A decade later, Bitcoin has become the world's leading cryptocurrency... but its mysterious founder (who would now be one of the richest people in the entire world) remains an enigma...

58 - Siriyakorn 'Bung' Siriboon.png

Siriyakorn "Bung" Siriboon

Bung was a teenager from Thailand, who moved to the Melbourne-area suburb of Boronia in 2008. She lived there with her mother, sister, and stepfather, and was slowly-but-surely acclimating to the new culture. However, in June of 2011 - while taking the path to school she had taken many times before - Bung seemed to disappear into thin air...



Hoax: An Unresolved Production

What is a hoax? It is often used alongside phrases such as "conspiracy theory" or "urban legend," but a hoax is a purposeful deception meant to fool several people. This can manifest itself in several ways: some hoaxes are harmless, little more than jokes... but others can carry serious real-world ramifications. 

Hoax is a new podcast series from the creator of Unresolved. Centered around some of history's most infamous and intriguing cases, Hoax dives deep into the stories of the people who craft these deceptions... and the consequences that follow.