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115 - Angela Brooks & Nancy Cushman.png

Angela Brooks & Nancy Cushman

In the early morning hours of November 25th, 2010, the bodies of two teenage girls would be found in an abandoned lot in Augusta, Georgia. The discovery prompted a widespread canvas and high-profile investigation, but public interest would quickly fade.

114 - Spring-Heeled Jack v2.png

Spring-Heeled Jack

Through the latter half of the 1830's, an urban legend began to take shape on the rooftops and in the foggy alleyways of London…

112 - The Shadow Brokers (Part One - Auction).png

The Shadow Brokers (Part One: Auction)

In August of 2016, a mysterious hacker collective began releasing files and folders stolen directly from the NSA, which appeared to be legitimate cyber-weapons created by U.S. intelligence. Over the next several months, the unknown entity calling itself “The Shadow Brokers” was prepared to auction off even more of these cyber-weapons to the highest bidder…

113 - The Shadow Brokers (Part Two).png

The Shadow Brokers (Part Two: Execute)

The enigmatic Shadow Brokers, who seemingly disappeared in January of 2017, would break their silence just three months later. This time, however, the intelligence they leaked would go on to have devastating effects in the real world...

109 - WMBC (Part One - The Pit) v2.png

West Mesa Bone Collector (Part One: The Pit)

On February 2nd, 2009, a woman walking her dog would stumble upon the largest crime scene in Albuquerque history. Before long, police had begun excavating what would be the largest crime scene in Albuquerque history. Within a month, they had identified four of the victims (all were sex workers that had gone missing years prior) but several more remained unidentified... as did their collective killer...

110 - WMBC (Part Two - The War Zone).png

West Mesa Bone Collector (Part Two: The War Zone)

Through 2009, police would continue to unearth a mass grave along the western edge of Albuquerque. It took several months for investigators to piece together the details of these women's tragic lives, but the exact circumstances of their disappearances/murders would be hard to grasp. Years later, police continue to have many questions about these women, and who had targeted them...

111 - WMBC (Part Three - 118th Street Homicides).png

West Mesa Bone Collector (Part Three: 118th Street Homicides)

Since 2009, the 118th Street Task Force has worked to identify and apprehend the unknown killer of 11 women, who murdered and buried them between 2003 and 2005. Multiple suspects have been investigated, thousands of tips have been received, and other potential victims have been tied to the case… but it remains unknown who targeted these women or why.

108 - Larry Chism.png

Larry Chism

Between September and December of 1978, Larry Chism - an unassuming young man incarcerated for numerous drug offenses - was able to orchestrate two successful escape attempts. The first landed him back in custody a week later; but the second has resulted in his continued freedom for over 40 years. To-date, he has yet to be recaptured, and is still sought after by the US Marshals…



Hoax: An Unresolved Production

What is a hoax? It is often used alongside phrases such as "conspiracy theory" or "urban legend," but a hoax is a purposeful deception meant to fool several people. This can manifest itself in several ways: some hoaxes are harmless, little more than jokes... but others can carry serious real-world ramifications.

Hoax is a podcast series from the creator of Unresolved. Centered around some of history's most infamous and intriguing cases, Hoax dives deep into the stories of the people who craft these deceptions... and the consequences that follow.