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106 - The Assassination of Philip Barton Key II.png

The Assassination of Philip Barton Key

A love triangle between a Congressman, his wife, and a U.S. Attorney turns violent when a mysterious letter is received…

105 - Brittany Phillips.png

Brittany Phillips

On September 30th, 2004, police in Tulsa, Oklahoma were called to the apartment of an 18-year-old college student. Brittany Phillips had not been showing up for class, and her absence had become noted by both friends and family. Inside her apartment, police would discover what had happened to Brittany… but in more than a decade, have yet to figure out who was responsible…

104 - Cyle Van Komen & Kevin Nelson.png

Cyle Van Komen & Kevin Nelson

On the evening of December 9th, 2016, a home invasion in South Ogden, Utah quickly turned violent. Two were killed and one was left injured, but police were able to recover evidence pointing towards their culprits: surveillance footage, which captured three masked individuals casing the home prior to the attack…

103 - The Monster With 21 Faces.png

The Monster With 21 Faces

Through 1984 and 1985, a mysterious group calling itself "The Monster With 21 Faces" waged an extortion and blackmail campaign against numerous Japanese companies (often referred to as the “Glico-Morinaga Case”). More than three decades later, the motives and identities of this bizarre group remain unknown.

102 - The Abduction of Violet Ripken.png

The Abduction of Violet Ripken

On the morning of July 24th, 2012, 74-year-old Violet Ripken was abducted from her garage by an armed gunman. She would spend the next 23 hours bound and blindfolded in the backseat of her own car, as her mysterious abductor drove around the Baltimore, MD region… for a reason that remains unknown to this day…



Hoax: An Unresolved Production

What is a hoax? It is often used alongside phrases such as "conspiracy theory" or "urban legend," but a hoax is a purposeful deception meant to fool several people. This can manifest itself in several ways: some hoaxes are harmless, little more than jokes... but others can carry serious real-world ramifications.

Hoax is a podcast series from the creator of Unresolved. Centered around some of history's most infamous and intriguing cases, Hoax dives deep into the stories of the people who craft these deceptions... and the consequences that follow.