Season three!

Hey there, blog readers! Not sure how many of you there are that actually know about and/or remember this thing, but it's been a few months, so I figured I'd pop in. 

Things have been really busy on the personal front over the past month or two, but - thankfully - the best case scenario has come to fruition: I am now podcasting for a living! This means that the Unresolved Podcast is going to be a regular thing moving forward, and that begins with the launch of season three. 

I don't really have a clean way of separating seasons so far: the first two seasons just sort of... happened. As I've said before, I didn't expect the EAR/ONS episodes to get anywhere close to the numbers they pulled in, so I didn't really have a clear-cut endgoal for the podcast. It just got to a point where I had to slow down for a month or two, and then I re-launched w/ season two. 

Then... the same thing happened. A month had passed, and with the distractions of work and my personal life, I wasn't able to get to it in time. I didn't expect Bible John to be the end of "season two," but that's just how it worked out.

Thankfully, though, I am back with a re-launch of the podcast. In case you haven't noticed, I uploaded the first new episode last night, which centers on a Belgian story called the Brabant Killers. It's a really intriguing story that I've wanted to dive into for a long time, and now that I'm not distracted by a day job, I finally have the time to do so.

So the podcast is back and better than ever. My goal is to make the podcast a weekly endeavor, but it really just depends on how each story comes together. Some are pretty by-the-books, and can be put together in a week or so... but others require communication with family members, police departments, publications, etc. It can be a lengthy affair, so I'm working on establishing a schedule that works for me and the story (after all, I don't want to rush out poor episodes just to meet a deadline). 

But, you'll no longer have to worry about there being month-long waits between episodes. That is done - hopefully forever. I'm sure that I'll eventually reach a point in 2018 when I want to take a small break and catch up (so to speak), but I'll be announcing that before it happens. So season three will be the biggest and best season yet. 

I don't know if you guys and gals can tell by my writing, but I'm just REALLY excited about this journey. I decided to throw caution to the wind and dedicate myself to the podcast full-time, instead of struggling to find time after working myself silly at the day job. It was just getting to the point where I had no time for myself or my wife, and it was seriously started to drag on me. I'm only a few days into this "podcasting as a job" thing and I'm already 10x happier than I was last week. 

But now that I have more free time, I'm sure that I'll be posting on here quite frequently. In addition to the Unresolved Podcast, I have a few related endeavors that I'm hoping to start up in the near-future, so I'll probably be announcing those on the blog. But stay tuned for that, in addition to regular Unresolved episodes! 

I can't speak Spanish. Also, check out the Fall Line Podcast!

Hey all! 

So, I hope by now that you've all been able to listen to the newest episode of the Unresolved Podcast - which is the first part of the Alcasser Girls. 

I knew going into this episode that some people were going to be a bit disappointed. Not because of my failed attempts to say some Spanish names (seriously, anyone who cares... I'm sorry for butchering the language), but because the first part didn't give a lot away. With this episode, I wanted to give you all some background on the area and the people involved, and basically set the stage for what happens next. 

So, you can expect part two this coming weekend, which will go into the investigation that follows the discovery of the girls' bodies. After that, part three will go into some of the crazier aspects of the story, as well as discussing what happens in the trial and everything after that. 

If you were disappointed in the length of this past episode, I apologize. Not every episode can be 45+ minutes long, even though that's what I aim for. 

However, if you burned through that episode, I HIGHLY encourage you to check out the Fall Line Podcast. To give you some background: it's a podcast built around the story of two teenage girls - Dannette and Jeannette Millbrook - who disappeared without a trace in March of 1990. I actually live in the area that they disappeared from (I drive by their sister's house every day when I go to work), and became interested in the case before the podcast started releasing episodes. 

The two hosts are amazing people, and working tirelessly to help this poor family find some closure. Law enforcement didn't turn over any real evidence when the twin girls disappeared, and media has barely covered the story in the decades since. In fact, most of the media exposure you'll find from the story has come from the podcast itself. 

I spoke to the sister of the twins, Shanta Sturgis, a few months back. She was kind enough to speak to me, and told me about the Fall Line (this is how I got in touch with them and discovered what they were doing before they released anything). But I'm hoping to use that interview as a jumping off-point, and eventually feature the story of the twins in an upcoming episode. 

I was actually able to converse with Laurah of the Fall Line Podcast in their most recent episode, which you can find at the following link: 

The Fall Line - Episode 5: Q&A

So, if you're all caught up with Unresolved and are looking for a new podcast to start listening to, I'd highly recommend that one. 

And, for the record, I'm not getting sponsored by the Fall Line or anything like that. I just feel very strongly about what they're doing, and would like to see their podcast take off (to at least bring more exposure to the case, but also because the ladies behind it are awesome and deserve this venture to be successful). 

But, anyhow, that's what I wanted to tell you all. I currently have several projects in the works, including the final two episodes of the Alcasser Girls story and an upcoming story that may stretch across FIVE episodes (which would make it the longest series yet). Should be interesting! :)