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07 - Bardstown (Part One - Officer Jason Ellis).png

Bardstown (Part One: Officer Jason Ellis)

In the early morning hours of May 25th, 2013, a Bardstown, Kentucky police officer was returning home from a work shift. Unbeknownst to him, he would be ambushed on the route he regularly used; becoming the victim of a shocking and mysterious crime. To this day, investigators have yet to figure out whether or not he was the unknown culprit’s intended target.

86 - Bardstown (Part Two - Kathy & Samantha Netherland).png

Bardstown (Part Two: Kathy & Samantha Netherland)

Roughly one year after the brutal ambush of a Bardstown police officer, a mother and daughter fail to show up to work/school. Soon enough, the area of Bardstown is hit with their second high-profile murder case in less than a year. This time, however, the victim isn’t a police officer, but a special education teacher and a high school student…

84 - Daniel Shaver.png

Daniel Shaver

On January 18th, 2016, a young father named Daniel Shaver was staying in a Mesa, Arizona hotel room. After inviting some guest back to his room for drinks - and showing them the pellet guns he used for work - cops were called to the scene. Following a brief encounter with police, Daniel would no longer be living… while the young officer that pulled the trigger prepared for a legal battle of his own.

83 - The Max Headroom Incident.png

The Max Headroom Incident

On the evening of November 22nd, 1987, an oddly-dressed man appeared on two Chicago-based TV stations. This man, who was wearing a mask of fictional TV host Max Headroom, seemed to hack into the feed of WGN-TV (Channel 9) and WTTW (Channel 11)… and to this day, investigators aren’t clear who he is or how he managed to hijack the airwaves.

82 - Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre.png

Las Cruces Bowling Alley Massacre

On the morning of February 10th, 1990, two gunmen stormed into a Las Cruces, New Mexico bowling alley. The four women inside were taken captive, as the men began to pilfer the safe inside the manager’s office. When a small family entered the bowling alley, it seemed to set the gunmen off… and what followed was one of the most brutal and tragic incidents in American history…



Hoax: An Unresolved Production

What is a hoax? It is often used alongside phrases such as "conspiracy theory" or "urban legend," but a hoax is a purposeful deception meant to fool several people. This can manifest itself in several ways: some hoaxes are harmless, little more than jokes... but others can carry serious real-world ramifications.

Hoax is a new podcast series from the creator of Unresolved. Centered around some of history's most infamous and intriguing cases, Hoax dives deep into the stories of the people who craft these deceptions... and the consequences that follow.