The Unresolved Podcast is a storytelling endeavor that relies on the amazing, atmospheric music that plays throughout. Without it, it'd just be a guy talking into a microphone about weird stuff. 

Here, you can find all of the great music that's played throughout the episodes. Clicking on the song names will take you to the artist's page, where you can choose to purchase the song or show the creator some love. 

The Unresolved Podcast: The Music: Vol. 1

If you click on the image above, you'll be taken to the Bandcamp page of Tyson Nordgren, Michael's friend who has written and produced exclusive music for the podcast. He has been the main musical contributor for many of the Unresolved Podcast's episodes, and plans to add full-length musical tracks to the page in the coming months. 

Ailsa Traves - "Unresolved"

Written and recorded by Ailsa Traves exclusively for the podcast, this song has become known as the Unresolved Podcast "theme song," and gets played throughout every episode's outro. 

Millimeters of Mercury - "... and the Glory..."

Written and recorded by the artist Millimeters of Mercury, this song was featured in episode 12 ("Misty Copsey: Part One"). 

Music from "The Alcasser Girls (Part One: The Discovery)"

"Thunder" by Air Waves

"Glacier" by Marcos H. Bolanos